Note to self

Dear Self--

When trying to keep amused by contemplating in this blog, do not forget that:

1. If you set your ego too loose it will flourish as a bad smelling fungus and will poison with its odor your otherwise harmless word plates;

2. Very few people (if any!) would be only partially interested in your brain waves, so do not perceive yourself as a tsunami of manifestation (you may be only that wet, not that fierce). If you fail in this, go back to # 1.

3. Too much self-acclaim may bring lethargy in your postings. Again, go back to # 1.

Wishing you a good blogging stamina,

Your other half

One Response to “Note to self”

  1. Svetla says:

    U are quoting me here and U have to approve that first... OMG! I invented that shit before the magazine did - true they are not paying royalties, but you should whiskey me on that and the whole more wisdomshitcreativity, OK. cannot say more -- more is less.