Midlife crisis countdown

Just 2 more to go!

If I let myself believe that after 40 I'll be officially a mid-age man, having perfectly legitimate right to benefit from all mid life crisis perks (like sport convertible, 50-feet sailing yacht, personal golf trainer, goofy Lacoste t-shirt, you name it...), today the countdown started! And the thrill to commit new adventures is already itching on my spine.

I'm already receiving your suggestions for mid-life crisis anaesthesia, which I plan to use in the 2-years period before this after-40 charming existence. All of these are added to my to-do list and you'll see the results soon!

And the e-mail/telemarketers are always right: I am already being attacked with promo materials in my inbox, inviting me to sign up for the next Porsche model, due in 2012.

3 Responses to “Midlife crisis countdown”

  1. kalin says:

    Веско, анестезирането е важна част от всяка операция - знам, че го разбираш го идеално именно ти. Being in the same boat and looking for the best recipe ever - "damn important 'cos it's your own short meaningless life" - where I am now in the search is:

    1. Consider how to maximize the moment (time frame: 1 second);
    2. Make sure satisfying 1. would not harm the subsequent moment. If no, see (3). If yes, make sure judgement is correct. If no, see (3). If yes, redo (1) (time frame: 2 seconds);
    3. Maximize the moment (time frame: as long as the moment lasts).

    PS. I continue the best anaesthetic search myself.

  2. admin says:

    Haha, Kaline, i've drawn an if/then chart. Now each problem about my life takes hours to solve... And these are easy problems, though... 😉

    But I guess the larger question is how to read the chapters of my karma, as there is no TOC. Sometimes I feel like I started backwards...

  3. Kalin says:

    So do I, by the way... but karma chapters hardly have numbers - you can pick them in random order, doesn't matter